Professor David Morris – Unsatisfactory professional conduct

23 Feb 2017

The Health Care Complaints Commission brought a complaint against Professor David Morris, a colorectal surgeon, concerning his decision to permit an overseas based doctor who was not registered in Australia, to operate on a patient on 6 November 2014 at St George Public Hospital as part of a lengthy peritonectomy procedure.

The Commission also alleged that Professor Morris failed to inform the patient that the overseas doctor would be operating on him, that he was not registered in Australia, may not have professional indemnity insurance and that Professor Morris had been told by the hospital that the overseas doctor was only permitted to be an observer in theatre.


The Committee found the allegations against Professor Morris proved and considered the conduct amounted to unsatisfactory professional conduct.  The Committee ordered that Professor Morris be reprimanded and fined him $5,500.

Further Information

The Professional Standards Committee’s decision can be found on Austlii

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