Prohibition Orders

Non-registered health practitioners such as counsellors, audiologists, naturopaths and massage therapists must adhere to the NSW Code of Conduct for non-registered health practitioners. Where the Commission finds that a non-registered health practitioner has breached the code of conduct and poses a risk to public health and safety, it can issue an order prohibiting the person from providing health services for a period of time.

Prohibition orders may be made against relevant health organisations where the Commission finds that a code of conduct has been breached and that the organisation poses a risk to public health and safety.

The Commission issues a media release, public statement and statement of decision in relation to most prohibition orders.

To see prohibition orders issued in other states of Australia you can visit the websites below:

Ms Cayla Fan – Beautician - Permanent Prohibition Order

Prohibition Order dated 4 June 2021

Ms Li Shen - Ultrasound Services Provider

Prohibition Order dated: 27 May 2021

Mr Sreeja Jayawardane - Massage Therapist

Prohibition Order dated 26 May 2021

Ms Bronwyn Jones - Community based aged care worker

Permanent Prohibition Order dated 30 April 2021

Ms Tovale Kalati – Assistant in Nursing

Permanent Prohibition Order dated: 24 March 2021

Dr Ali Kalantari Khorami – Sleep Technician

Prohibition Order dated 19 February 2021

Mr Lachlan Hinds – Emotional Intelligence Expert

Prohibition Order dated 18 February 2021

Oladele Eluwole – Scientific Officer

Prohibition Order dated: 28 January 2021

Titilayo Oyedele – Hospital Scientist

Permanent Prohibition Order dated 28 January 2021