Non-registered Health Practitioners

A non-registered practitioner is any person who provides a health service, who is not registered under the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW), or who provides health services that are unrelated to their registration.

In NSW, the Commission manages complaints about non-registered health practitioners including, but not limited to, speech therapists, audiologists, massage therapists, counsellors and naturopaths.

A shared understanding of acceptable standards is critical to safe and ethical health service provision. In NSW the Code of Conduct outlines these standards. It is important that all non-registered health practitioners providing health services in NSW are aware of the Code of Conduct. In NSW the Code of Conduct must be displayed on the practitioner’s premises (with some exceptions), to ensure consumers are aware of what they can expect from practitioners and how they can lodge a complaint if they have concerns. You can access a printable version of the Notice to Display here.

The Commission acknowledges that being the subject of a complaint can be a stressful experience for health practitioners. You may wish to contact your insurer, legal advisor or professional association for practical advice. Talking to family and friends or contacting a support service can help to support practitioners through the process.