Professional Standards Committee hearings

Hearings before Professional Standards Committees are generally held in public in NSW and parties can be legally represented. A list of upcoming public hearings regarding medical practitioners can be accessed at the Medical Council of NSW website. A list of current hearings regarding nurses and midwives can be accessed at the NSW Nursing and Midwifery Council's website. You can also send an inquiry to

Professional Standards Committees generally hear complaints concerning allegations of unsatisfactory professional conduct of medical practitioners, nurses and midwives. The Committees are established by the respective health professional Council. The Committees deal with less serious matters than the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal and are generally less formal than the Tribunal. Committees, like the Tribunal, comprise four members, one of whom must be legally qualified.

Persons attending a hearing must abide by any non-publications directions made by the Chair of the Committee and any hearing and/or media guidelines.