Public statement in relation to Ms Ingrid Powell

26 Mar 2014

The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission conducted an investigation into the professional conduct of Assistant in Nursing, Ms Ingrid Powell. The investigation found that between January and August 2013, whilst employed as an Assistant in Nursing at a hospital, Ms Powell:

  • ordered without authority and misappropriated for her own use approximately 600 ampoules of midazolam
  • suffered from an addiction to midazolam which she self-administered daily, in circumstances where it had not been prescribed for her and she was not using the midazolam for a therapeutic purpose
  • suffered from worsening and untreated symptoms of depression.

Between January and August 2013, Ms Powell practised as an Assistant in Nursing while suffering from an impairment, namely midazolam addiction and depression. This is in contravention of Clause 9 of the Code of Conduct for Unregistered Health Practitioners (“Code of Conduct”). This clause states that a health practitioner must not practise while suffering from a physical or mental impairment, disability, condition or disorder (including an addiction to alcohol or a drug, whether or not prescribed) that detrimentally affects or is likely to detrimentally affect his or her ability to practice or that places clients at risk of harm.   

The Commission is satisfied that Ms Powell breached the Code of Conduct and that she poses a risk to the health or safety of members of the public.

Prohibition order
Ms Powell is permanently prohibited from providing any health services, either paid or on a voluntary basis, where the position provides any opportunity for unsupervised access to scheduled medication.

The Commission has also determined to make its statement of decision publicly available under 41B(3) of the Health Care Complaints Act.

Further Information

Access the Commission’s statement of decision.
Access the related media release.

For further information, contact the Health Care Complaints Commission on 9219 7444 or send an email to

The information is correct at the time of publication. Orders may change; for example, conditions may no longer apply. For current information contact the Commission.