Haris, Mr Ian (formerly known as Dr Ian Raymond Gregory)

Prohibition Order dated 24.3.2015

  • Mr Haris may only administer Schedule 4 medications to clients under the direct supervision of a registered medical practitioner, where direct supervision means:

(i) the registered medical practitioner is on the premises at the time of the treatment or is able to be contacted by telephone or other electronic means if required;

(ii) the registered medical practitioner performs the examination and assessment of the client prior to treatment either in person, by telephone or any other electronic means as the registered medical practitioner determines appropriate;

(iii) the registered medical practitioner authorises the administration of a restricted substance to the client where the restricted substance has been previously dispensed on prescription for the particular client by a pharmacist; or

(iv) the administration of the restricted substance is authorised by the registered medical practitioner who provides a written patient-specific authorisation for the administration of a restricted substance to confirm the medical practitioner’s intention, which is kept in the client’s clinical record.

  • Mr Haris must not advertise or allow to be advertised the services that are to be provided by him unless the advertisement specifies that he is subject to this prohibition order.
  • Mr Haris must not advertise himself or allow himself to be advertised as a currently registered medical practitioner.

Further Information

For further information, contact the Executive Officer of the Health Care Complaints Commission, on 9219 7444.