Referral for local resolution

Why is a complaint referred for local resolution?

The Commission refers complaints to public health organisations when it believes that this is the most suitable and effective way to address the concerns and issues raised in the complaint. This may include cases where there is an ongoing service relationship, communication issues; or the complaint relates to local policy matters.

An example is where a hospital discharged a patient without sending the discharge summary to their General Practitioner. Other concerns that may be suitable for local resolution are inadequate communication with the patient and family members, or where the patient complained about rude staff members or long waiting times in the emergency department, the cleanliness of the facility, the quality of food and access to parking.

Before the Commission decides to refer a complaint, it contacts both parties to the complaint to ensure that they are willing to engage in the process.

What happens next?

When a complaint has been referred for local resolution, someone from the local health service will contact the person making the complaint to work out how to resolve the issues that were raised in a way that is acceptable to everyone.
The Commission is no longer involved in the resolution process between the organisation and the person making the complaint.

If you were unable to resolve the concerns, contact the Health Care Complaints Commission’s Inquiry Service.