Information for expert reviewers

The Commisison has a panel of experts who offer advice during the investigation of a complaint. Experts may also be called as witnesses in disciplinary proceedings.

Recruitment of experts

The Commission works with the relevant health professional colleges and associations in the recruitment of its experts. If you are interested in becoming an expert reviewer for the Commission, please contact the Commission's Director of Investigations.

Expert training program

The Commission offers two different training sessions for its expert advisors. The basic training focuses on report writing and is based on the discussion of case studies. In addition, the Commission offers an advanced training that focuses on giving evidence before a disciplinary body.

If you are interested in registering for one of these training sessions, please contact Catarina Soares on (02) 9219 7434 or send an email to

Writing a report

When investigating complaints, the Health Care Complaints Commission may ask an expert from its panel to review the relevant evidence. The expert's role is to give an opinion on the conduct of a health practitioner, including whether there has been a significant departure from accepted professional standards. If the expert reviewer believes there has been such a departure, and is also strongly critical about the conduct of the provider complained about, this will be important evidence in assisting the Commission to determine whether or not to prosecute a complaint against a practitioner before a disciplinary body.

The following information will assist expert reviewers of the Commission to prepare an expert report.

Being an expert witness

When a complaint is prosecuted before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal or a Professional Standards Committee, the expert reviewer may be called as a witness at the hearing. Some advice on what is expected of an expert witness is given in the NSW District Court - Expert Witness Code of Conduct.

Experts on the Commission's panel who are interested in attending a Tribunal or Professional Standards Committee hearing to see how expert witnesses give their evidence, can contact the Director of Proceedings.

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