A cancelled hospital appointment

A man was concerned that his son, who was an inmate in a correctional centre, had a lesion on his chest which might be a melanoma, but had not received adequate treatment for it. The man called the Inquiry Service because a hospital appointment for his son had been cancelled. The man wanted information about why the appointment had been cancelled and whether alternative arrangements could be made.

The Inquiry Officer called the correctional centre clinic. The clinic explained that appointments had been secured at both Westmead Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital. The reason for cancelling the appointment at Westmead Hospital was it was usual practice for inmates to be treated at Prince of Wales Hospital.

The Inquiry Officer called the father and explained the situation, and also told him that the clinic manager was happy to answer his questions directly.

The man was satisfied with the explanation and pleased that he could speak directly with the manager about any further concerns.

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