Reviewing mental health patients

Following the suicide of their nephew, a family complained about a mental health service. The nephew had been on a Community Treatment Order requiring him to have supervised medication. The family’s complaint was that, despite a deterioration in their nephew’s mental health, the service had not actively intervened and had lost contact with him.

The Area Health Service advised that they had conducted a root cause analysis (RCA), which had made recommendations to improve the monitoring of patients on Community Treatment Orders and the ongoing review of mental health patients by case managers.

Although the family was pleased with the RCA recommendations, the family was concerned that they might not be implemented, and also had some additional questions that they wanted answered.

The Commission referred the complaint to its Resolution Service. The Resolution Officer organised a meeting between the family and the Area Health Service where the family’s questions were answered and an update on the implementation of the RCA recommendations was provided.

The family were satisfied with this information, but remained sceptical about whether the RCA recommendations would be implemented in frontline mental health services throughout the area. The Resolution Officer then arranged for the Area Health Service to detail the measures it was taking to implement the recommendations.

After this, the family was satisfied that all of their concerns had been adequately addressed.

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