Ms Amelia Ann Scully – deregistered for one year by NSW Nursing and Midwives Tribunal

10 November 2011

The Health Care Complaints Commission recently prosecuted Ms Amelia Ann Scully, an enrolled nurse, before the Nurses and Midwives Tribunal of NSW.   The prosecution related to Ms Scully’s personal and sexual relationship with a former male patient to whom she had provided mental health services.

The Commission argued that Ms Scully had failed to report the personal relationship to her employer and had engaged in smoking marijuana with the patient.

Ms Scully admitted to the relationship; however the Tribunal found she had showed no insight into her conduct and the appropriate professional boundaries between a nurse and a patient.  It noted that:

This substantial lack of knowledge and exercise of seriously poor judgment in relation to entering into, remaining in and failing to report the personal then sexual relationship with Patient A as well as the smoking of marijuana with him demonstrated conduct that was significantly below the standard reasonably expected of a nurse of equivalent training or experience.

In its decision of 4 November 2011, the Tribunal found Ms Scully guilty of professional misconduct.  The Tribunal ordered that her name be removed from the register of nurses and that she is not entitled to apply for re-registration for one year.

Further Information

The full decision is available on the AUSTLII website.

For further information, contact the Executive Officer of the Health Care Complaints Commission on 9219 7444 or send an email to

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