Mr Yan Chi Cheung – Unsatisfactory professional conduct

15 Jan 2018

The Health Care Complaints Commission prosecuted a complaint before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (‘the Tribunal’) against Mr Yan Chi Cheung, a registered pharmacist. The complaint alleged that Mr Cheung was guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct, had been convicted of a criminal offence and was not a suitable person to hold registration as a pharmacist.

Mr Cheung had been convicted of the offence of administer poison (etc.) with the intention to injure or cause distress or pain under s41 of the Crimes Act. Mr Cheung’s conviction related to his intentional administration of a number of pharmaceutical drugs to his colleague by way of ‘spiking’ her drink on approximately 23 occasions over a 12 month period. He was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment and was released on parole on 4 July 2017.


On 15 January 2018, the Tribunal found that Mr Cheung was guilty of unsatisfactory professional conduct and was not a suitable person to hold registration as a pharmacist. The Tribunal ordered that Mr Cheung’s registration be cancelled with a non-review period of four years. The Tribunal found that Mr Cheung “presently poses a substantial risk to the health of members of the public” and also ordered that Mr Cheung not provide pharmaceutical services whilst he is not registered as a pharmacist.

Further Information

The full decision is available at NSW Caselaw

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