Anthony Sadek - Guilty of professional misconduct - Stage 1

08 Jan 2018

The Health Care Complaints Commission prosecuted a Complaint before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal against Anthony Sadek, a pharmacist. An audit had identified that Mr Sadek’s pharmacy in Guildford had sold an unusually high amount of OxyContin. Investigators then identified a number of concerns with Mr Sadek’s dispensing practices.

The most serious, allegation was that Mr Sadek dispensed large quantities of OxyContin 80mg for hundreds of private handwritten scripts purportedly written by one doctor to 46 patients with similar names and addresses, where the dosage exceeded the recommended dose, where the scripts had no directions for use and where the medication was always collected by a single man who paid in cash.

Other allegations were that that Mr Sadek:

  • failed to alert the Pharmaceutical Services Unit regarding fraudulent prescriptions;
  • failed to accurately record Schedule 8 drugs in the Drug Register;
  • incorrectly altered the Drug Register;
  • failed to make accurate inventories;
  • failed to notify the Department of Health about missing drugs;
  • dispensed Schedule 8 drugs on non-compliant prescriptions;
  • dispensed OxyContin in excess of the recommended dose;
  • dispensed OxyContin on a post dated script; and
  • dispensed OxyContin without confirming the authenticity of the scripts.

The Tribunal found that Mr Sadek dispensed very large quantities of high strength OxyContin over a prolonged period in circumstances in which he had actual or constructive knowledge that the drugs were very likely being misused. The Tribunal accepted that Mr Sadek did communicate with Dr BW to ask if he had issued the scripts but found all the other allegations proven.


The Tribunal found Mr Sadek guilty of professional misconduct.

The Tribunal will consider what protective orders are necessary following a hearing that occurred in May 2018.

Further Information

The full decision is available at NSW Caselaw

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