Mr Youngjin Jung – Registration cancelled and prohibition order

19 Apr 2018

The Health Care Complaints Commission (‘the Commission’) prosecuted a complaint against Mr Youngjin Jung, a registered physiotherapist, before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (‘the Tribunal’). In 2016 Mr Jung was convicted of eight counts of indecent assault in relation to six female patients that occurred between 23 April and 12 June 2014.  Mr Jung was sentenced to an aggregate sentence of five years’ imprisonment with a non-parole period of three and a half years. He will be eligible for parole on 22 August 2019.

The Commission alleged that because Mr Jung had been convicted of criminal offences in NSW he was not a suitable person to hold registration as a physiotherapist.

On 19 April 2018, the Tribunal found that Mr Jung was not a suitable person to hold registration as a physiotherapist, reiterating the sentencing remarks of the Trial Judge that the practitioner had “seriously abused the trust placed in him” as a healthcare professional by each of his patients. The Tribunal found that Mr Jung’s conduct was not a “one off” incident and in the circumstances they were “satisfied that the respondent’s disgraceful conduct and repeated betrayals of his patients’ trust establishes that he is not a suitable person to practise”.  


In its protective orders, the Tribunal cancelled Mr Jung’s registration and ordered a non-review period of seven years. The Tribunal also made a prohibition order that Mr Jung be prohibited from providing any health services for a period of seven years.

Further Information

The full decision is available at NSW Caselaw

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