Mr Eduardo Penques - Interim Prohibition Order

28 Nov 2019

The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (“the Commission”) has issued an interim prohibition order in relation to Mr Eduardo Soares Penques under section 41AA of the Health Care Complaints Act 1993 (‘The Act’).

The interim prohibition order prohibits Mr Penques from providing any dental services, either in paid employment or voluntarily, to any member of the public.

Mr Penques is not a registered dental practitioner.   

Despite not being a registered dental practitioner, Mr Penques is suspected to have carried out dental services on patients in NSW. Such conduct poses a serious risk to the health and safety of members of the public.

This interim prohibition order will remain in force for a period of eight weeks and may be renewed where appropriate in order to protect the health or safety of the public.

NSW Health's Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant, advises people who have had dental work done by Mr Penques may have a risk of infection. “Dental procedures should be carried out by appropriately qualified and registered dental practitioners. When someone performs dental treatment in a premises without proper infection control processes there is a risk of bacterial and viral infections, including hepatitis.”

Mr Penques is suspected of providing dental treatment mainly to the Brazilian community in Sydney.

Professor Mark Ferson, Director of South Eastern Sydney’s Public Health Unit said “Because we don’t know exactly what procedures were done by Mr Penques or what infection control he used, there is a risk of passing infections to patients, particularly those who have undergone invasive procedures. Invasive procedures are those that involve a needle or other instrument piercing the skin, gums or tooth pulp/root or procedures where bleeding may have occurred.”

Professor Ferson recommends that anyone who has received dental treatment from Mr Penques see their doctor and consider testing for hepatitis B, hepatitis C and HIV, particularly if they have had invasive procedures done by Mr Penques. 

What should consumers do to protect themselves?

Consumers can check an individual’s registration and view any specialist qualifications at the National Register of health practitioners:  

Further Information

The full interim prohibition order can be found here.

A Portuguese translation of this media release is available here.

For further information, contact the Executive Officer of the Health Care Complaints Commission, on 9219 7444 or send an email to

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