Mr John Moawad – Registration cancelled - Professional misconduct and criminal conviction

19 Mar 2020

The Health Care Complaints Commission prosecuted pharmacist Mr John Moawad before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (‘the Tribunal’).  The complaint centred on his fraudulent claiming between 2012-2016 on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) through pharmacies he owned, amounting to approximately $86,000.  Mr Moawad submitted false claims in the names of patients, his relatives and even his own name for PBS drugs.  His conduct included forging signatures of prescribing doctors.  Mr Moawad was convicted previously of criminal charges in relation to his false claims.  The proceedings before NCAT related to his convictions and additional related conduct.

Mr Moawad admitted the criminal convictions and that he was guilty of professional misconduct before the Tribunal but submitted that he did so without financial motive and it was instead due to a depressive illness.  The Tribunal did not accept this and found that Mr Moawad was motivated by financial gain. 

In its decision on 10 March 2020 the Tribunal cancelled Mr Moawad’s registration as a pharmacist, preventing him from seeking review of that order for 18 months.  It also prohibited him from entering a pharmacy in which he has a financial interest, and working as a pharmacy assistant.

A copy of the Tribunal’s decision can be found on the NSW Caselaw website

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