RN Shaun Avis – Unsatisfactory professional conduct - Reprimand

19 Mar 2020

The Health Care Complaints Commission prosecuted a complaint against registered nurse Shaun Avis before a Nursing Professional Standards Committee (‘the Committee’), alleging that on 21 March 2016 he failed to adequately care for and keep records for an 18 month old patient at Shoalhaven District Memorial Hospital.

The Commission alleged that Mr Avis delayed his assessments of the patient (noting the patient’s elevated vital signs); failed to correctly record and then monitor the patient’s rash; and generally failed to record objective information about the patient, his interactions with other clinicians and advice to the patient’s mother.

In its decision of 17 January 2020 the Committee found that aspects of Mr Avis’ record keeping and timeliness of his observations of the patient were deficient.  It criticised Mr Avis’ failure to follow up the patient’s rash and record accurate entries about it.  The Committee observed that some of his entries in the patient record were of little or no utility or had no clinical meaning.

The Committee concluded that the overall care by Mr Avis of the patient amounted to unsatisfactory professional conduct and reprimanded him.

A copy of the Committee’s decision is attached.   

Further Information

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