Annual Report 2012-13 released

The Commission’s Annual Report for 2012-13 was tabled in Parliament on 21 November 2013. Electronic copies of the report are now publicly available on this website.

Additional funding allowed the Commission to employ more staff to deal with the continued increase in the number of inquiries and written complaints the Commission received. While inquiries increased by 2.2% on the 2011-12 year, the number of written complaints increased by 10.3% in the same period. Since June 2012, mandatory notifications have been deemed by law to be complaints. Taking this into account the effective increase in complaints from last year was 5.9%.

Considerable improvement was made in the timeliness and quality of assessing complaints during the year and the Commission’s overall performance improved.

In the reporting period, the Health Care Complaints Act was amended, broadening the circumstances under which the Commission could investigate the conduct of health services. In addition, the Commission was given an own motion power to initiate complaints against health service providers involving serious issues.

More information

The full annual report is available here.
If you have any questions in relation to the report, please contact the Commission’s media office on (02) 9219 7444 or send us an email.