Webinar: End of Life Decisions

The Health Care Complaints Commission runs webinars on a range of issues using case studies and offering a platform to ask questions. Health practitioners, health administrators and health service providers are invited to join our next webinar on Wednesday, 17 June 2015 at 12.00pm – 12.45pm.

End of life discussions can be confronting for health practitioners and are difficult to handle. 

When a patient is nearing the end of their life, crucial decisions will need to be made about their care and treatment. To carry out these discussions effectively and compassionately (whether the patient has maintained decision making capacity or not) it is important to achieve consensus among family members and those close to the patient about what constitutes best treatment. 

Kieran Pehm, the Commissioner of the Health Care Complaints Commission, and Dr Stuart Dorney, Medical Director of the Medical Council of NSW, will be presenting end of life case studies and will provide insight into the sorts of mistakes that give rise to complaints. Kieran and Stuart will also give practical advice about best practice when handling end of life discussions. 

Kim Stewart, Director of the Office of the Chief Health Officer will also be joining the webinar to discuss the suite of resources and guidance available to practitioners. 

This webinar will be pertinent to all practitioners who work with terminal patients and the elderly including hospital and nursing home staff as well as GPs who are increasingly being called upon to talk about advance care planning with elderly patients. This webinar will also be useful for junior health practitioners who may require guidance on how to handle end of life discussions. 

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