Webinar: The Commission's Early Resolution Project

The Health Care Complaints Commission runs webinars on a range of issues using case studies and offering a platform to ask questions. Health practitioners, health administrators and health service providers are invited to join our next webinar on Wednesday, 18 March 2015 at 12.00pm – 12.30pm.

The Commission has been trialling a new initiative of attempting to resolve new and less serious complaints at an early stage by intensive telephone contact with the parties. A key benefit of the project is that it dispenses with some of the time consuming aspects of the usual assessment process applied to more serious complaints, such as requiring written responses. The project has been successful achieving a drop in matters discontinued from over 50% to 42% with a corresponding increase in number of complaints resolved from 5.5% to 14%. 

The trial commenced in July 2014. It has received positive feedback from complainants, providers and health professional councils and is now a fundamental part of the Commission’s complaints assessment process. 

This webinar will discuss how the program works and explain what you can expect if you are involved in an early resolution complaint and how to facilitate the process. 

Kieran Pehm, the Commissioner of the Health Care Complaints Commission and other staff involved in the project will be presenting the talk and will discuss case studies and key insights into resolving complaints efficiently. 

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