Ms Bronwyn Jones – community-based aged care worker – prohibited from delivering health services

30 April 2021 

The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (the Commission) investigated a complaint concerning Ms Bronwyn Jones, unregistered health practitioner.

Ms Jones provided in-home care and support to an elderly patient living with dementia (Patient A), over a period of 18 months between July 2018 and February 2020.

The complaint alleged that Ms Jones had stolen a large sum of cash and various other items from the wife of one of her clients (Patient A). The complaint also alleged that Ms Jones had failed to care appropriately for Patient A on a number of occasions.

The investigation confirmed that Ms Jones was convicted and sentenced for the thefts and that she had not cared appropriately for Patient A.

Ms Jones was in a position of trust at the time of these events with responsiblity for caring for a particularly vulnerable client.

The Commission’s investigation found that Ms Jones breached Clause 3(1) of the Code of Conduct for unregistered health practitioners, by failing to provide health services to Patient A in a safe and ethical manner.

The Commission also determined that Ms Jones poses a risk to the health or safety of members of the public.

Accordingly, the Commission has made an order:

Ms Bronwyn Jones is permanently prohibited from providing any health services in any capacity, whether on a paid or voluntary basis.

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