Public Statement - Dr Ali Kalantari Khorami – Sleep Technician - Permanent Prohibition Order

26 February 2021

The NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (Commission) conducted an investigation into the conduct of Dr Ali Kalantari Khorami. Dr Khorami is a registered medical practitioner who provided services as a sleep technician to Woolcock Institute of Medical Research (Institute) in Glebe, NSW.

In his capacity as a sleep technician, Dr Khorami is considered to be an unregistered health practitioner and subject to the Code of Conduct for unregistered health practitioners (Code of Conduct) set out in schedule 3 of the Public Health Regulation 2012.

On 6 July 2020 Dr Khorami was found guilty by a jury at Sydney Downing Centre District Court of the following charges:

  • 19 charges of aggravated indecent assault pursuant to section 61M(1) of the Crimes Act 1900 (Crimes Act);
  • Two charges of committing an aggravated act of indecency pursuant to section 61O(1A) of the Crimes Act; and
  • Administering an intoxicating substance with the intent to commit an indictable offence pursuant to section 38(a) of the Crimes Act.

The offences occurred while providing care to five female patients at the Institute during overnight sleep studies between 16 July 2018 and 30 August 2018.

On one evening, a patient was found to have been provided temazepam, a sedative, by Dr Khorami prior to him deactivating the patient’s sensory sleep study data leads and the CCTV on three separate periods during the evening for periods of up to 30 minutes.

In relation to the 21 charges of aggravated indecent assault and aggravated acts of indecency, CCTV footage captured Dr Khorami performing sleep tests on patients while unzipping his pants, fondling his penis and masturbating. He was seen placing his penis on the hands and feet of patients while they slept. Dr Khorami was also captured repositioning or spreading open patient’s legs, and thrusting his hips back and forth in a sexual motion. In one case, a patient woke to find Dr Khorami had exposed her breasts and was touching her over her underwear in the area of her vagina.

On numerous occasions, Dr Khorami disconnected the patients’ sensory sleep data leads and the CCTV, or moved the CCTV camera towards the ceiling and away from the patient for periods of up to 40 minutes.

During the criminal proceedings, Dr Khorami did not demonstrate any remorse for his conduct and maintained that his offending behaviour was a form of tantric healing in which he had obtained consent from the patients to perform.

On 9 October 2020 Dr Khorami was convicted of the 22 offences and sentenced to an aggregate term of imprisonment of six years to commence on 25 September 2020, with a non-parole period of three years and nine months.

The Commission’s investigation found that in providing services as an overnight sleep technician, Dr Khorami was afforded significant trust by his patients and their families to provide a safe environment and deliver appropriate health to patients who were particularly vulnerable.

Dr Khorami’s conduct demonstrated an element of planning and premeditation and was a deliberate attempt to take advantage of his professional position and capacity to obtain an intoxicating substance and assault patients entrusted into his care for his own sexual gratification.

Dr Khorami’s lack of insight and remorse regarding his conduct raised significant concerns about his understanding of consent, and capacity to maintain appropriate professional boundaries, particularly in situations where patients are vulnerable. 

The Commission considers that based on Dr Khorami’s convictions and conduct, he has breached clause 3(1) of the Code of Conduct, in that he failed to provide health services in a safe and ethical manner. The Commission also considers that Dr Khorami poses a significant risk to the health and safety of members of the public.

Accordingly, the Commission makes the following prohibition order under section 41A(2)(a) of the Health Care Complaints Act 1993 (Act):

Dr Ali Kalantari Khorami is permanently prohibited from providing any health services in any capacity, either paid or voluntary.                           

For the purposes of this order, a 'health service' carries the same meaning as defined under section 4 of the Act.

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