A complaint has been made about me

All written complaints to the Commission must be assessed by an Assessment Officer. As part of the assessment process the Commission will usually provide a copy of the complaint to the health service provider and ask them to respond to the issues raised in the complaint.

It is important to understand that many health practitioners may, at some stage of their career, have a concern raised about them. Although the Commission is required to assess every written complaint it receives, it only investigates complaints that raise significant concerns about risks to public health and safety; or raise a significant question as to the standard of care and treatment provided; or complaints that if substantiated, would provide grounds for disciplinary action against a practitioner.

In many cases, less serious complaints can be successfully resolved with a response from the health service provider that acknowledges the complainant’s concerns and provides a clear explanation for the issues that have been raised.

The Commission acknowledges that being the subject of a complaint can be a challenging and stressful experience. If the Commission has contacted you to request a response to a complaint you may wish to seek advice from your insurer, professional association, employer or appropriate senior person such as a supervisor, manager or consultant. You can also contact the Assessment Officer assigned to the matter if you have questions during the assessment process. It is important to seek the support you need for your health and wellbeing. You can access a list of support services for health practitioners here.