Complaints process - Health Providers

The Commission requests a response

  • The Commission is required to assess every written complaint it receives. Assessment will usually involve asking the health service provider for a response to the issues raised in the complaint. An Assessment Officer will contact the health service provider to ask for their response along with any required records or other information. If the relevant medical records are owned by a health organisation these may be sought seperately from the response. A time frame to submit the response and any required information will be specified.
  • If you have concerns about responding in the time frame provided you should contact the Assessment Officer as soon as possible to discuss.
  • Please note that the response will generally be provided to the complainant.
  • You can find out more about responding to the Commission.

Complaint assessed

  • Once the Commission has the health service provider's response, any requested records and other relevant documents, the complaint will be assessed. Sometimes the Assessment Officer will contact the health service provider with additional questions or requests for further information. An expert clinical advisor or independent peer may be asked to provide an opinion.
  • The Assessment Officer will compile the relevant information for the Assessment Committee to consider.
  • The Commission aims to assess complaints within 60 days of receiving them.
  • Providers can track the complaint online or contact their Assessment Officer for an update or to ask any questions they may have during the assessment process.


  • The Assessment Committee will consider all of the available information and decide on the most appropriate outcome. If the complaint is about a registered health practitioner the appropriate Health Professional Council will be consulted in determining the appropriate outcome. You can read about possible outcomes of assessment

Complaint outcome communicated

  • The Assessment Officer will write to the health service provider to advise them of the assessment outcome, and any next steps that might be involved. The Assessment Officer will also write to the complainant to advise them of the outcome of their complaint