Information for Expert Reviewers

The Commission has access to a group of approved experts across the various health specialties who provide advice during the investigation of a complaint. Experts may also be called as witnesses in disciplinary proceedings.

What is the role of the Expert Reviewer?

Writing a report

When investigating complaints, the Health Care Complaints Commission may ask an expert to review the relevant evidence. The expert's role is to give an opinion on the conduct of a health practitioner, including whether there has been a significant departure from accepted professional standards. If the expert reviewer believes there has been such a departure, this will be important evidence in assisting the Commission to determine whether or not to prosecute a complaint against a practitioner before a disciplinary body.

Being an Expert Witness

When a complaint is prosecuted before the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal or a Professional Standards Committee, the expert reviewer may be called as a witness at the hearing. Some advice on what is expected of an expert witness is given in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal - Procedural Direction.

You can access more information on the role of the Expert Reviewer as below:

Expert Reviewer Guidelines for Registered Health Professionals

Expert Reviewer Guidelines for Unregistered Health Professionals

Expert Training Program

The Commission offers several different training workshops for Expert Reviewers.

  • Basic Training focuses on the guidelines and information for preparing an expert report.
  • Advanced Training focuses on giving evidence before a disciplinary body.

Our Expert Reviewers are contacted about training opportunities as dates arise throughout the year.

How can I become an Expert Reviewer for the Commission?

The Commission works with relevant health professional associations and colleges to recruit expert reviewers. If you are interested in becoming an Expert Reviewer for the Commission please email with a brief overview of your experience along with your contact details. Our Engagement Officer will be in touch to explain the application and approval process and to assist with any queries you may have.

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